A 20-Something Female’s Guide To Traveling With Confidence And Purpose





Do you dream of finally going to parts of Europe and doing so, solo?

Do you dream of meeting locals and other backpackers, and doing amazing things with them?

Do you want a trip that is more than just lay on the beach but a trip filled with fun, meaning and memories?

But have no idea where to begin or if you can really do it by yourself?





What’s Inside:

Dear Solo Traveler

Get to know me, Mia, and exactly how I’ll help you plan your first solo backpacking trip to Europe!

What My Backpacking Trip Looked Like

Learn what places I explored in Europe and what I did throughout my trip, to get a better idea of what your backpacking trip can and will look like!

Part 1: Living & Working With Locals

Learn how to find & book the best work exchange programs for you!

Work exchanges are where you work with a local in exchange for free housing. However, work exchanges can be much more than that!

You have the opportunity to do work you want to do (something new or familiar!) and get to know someone intimately in Europe. It’s an unique and a special experience to have during your trip.

Part 2: Living & Exploring With Backpackers

Learn how to find & book the best hostels for you!

Hostels are cheap places to stay, and many hostels (especially in Europe) are beautiful and cozy.

Many hostels also offer pretty awesome activities and events, where you can meet and hangout with other backpackers.

Part 3: Responsible Traveling

Learn how to support local, be impactful, and be eco-friendly!

We all know to limit our plastic use and use a reusable water bottle but I’m taking it a step further!

You can find ways to support a cause you care about while traveling, as well as do your part in supporting local, ethical and sustainable businesses.

Part 4: Before You Leave, Remember…

Learn how to be well-prepared & travel safely.

Solo backpacking can be scary but it doesn’t have to be (and it isn’t!). You will learn about the scams to be aware of and situations to try to stay away from, as well as what to have with you in your backpack! You can read my backpacking list here.

Part 5: While You're Traveling, Remember…

Learn how to remain confident solo :).

The decision to plan this trip by yourself, for yourself is SO admirable! If you put this much intention AND attention in your trip, I know you’ll have a fun, meaningful and memorable trip - and can continue to make anything happen in your life!

You are a rockstar and I’ll make sure you’re one of the many solo female backpackers traveling Europe this year.

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Let’s make it happen together!



At 23 years old, I moved out of Los Angeles and began my first long-term solo backpacking trip that would take me through Portugal, France, Croatia, Switzerland and Sweden.

My trip was transformational not because of the number of European countries I traveled to, but because of what I experienced in each country! From the work exchanges I did, the hostels I stayed at, to the activities I took part in!

The truth is, traveling solo will give you a lot more room for self discovery and meeting tons of people you’d never meet otherwise.

My intention for this book is to give you the confidence to travel solo and have a trip full of discovery, fun, and meaningful experiences!


From Other Backpackers…



Ventura, CA

"This book is a great guide offering many tips and tricks to any new backpacker. Mia shows you just how attainable it is to see the world! I would definitely recommend to any young adult or college student wanting to set off on their very own special European backpacking trip."



Culver City, CA

“Solo Backpacking Europe is THE e-book to get when planning your trip! I gained so much insight on how to effectively book a lucrative work exchange, book safe and pleasant hostels, and being safe while exploring different European countries. I feel so much more prepared and can't wait for what's in store. Mia gives an honest and fun perspective in how she did it and the amazing people she got to meet along the way!



San Diego, CA

“I’ve been looking for a book to help me plan my trip abroad and I am so thankful I came across Mia’s book. What I loved most about this book was how realistic it is. She goes over every possible question you could have and has a personal example as the explanation. She tells you how to plan the perfect trip from start to finish!


What format is this eBook in?

It is in PDF format! After your purchase is complete, you will see a link to download and can read on your laptop instantly! You will also receive an email to download it.

What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

I cannot refund your initial payment at anytime. However, please do email me directly at letting me know what went wrong and I’ll do my best to help.

Is this eBook for American travelers/backpackers only?

It is most helpful and relevant for U.S citizens visiting Europe. However, the tips and strategies could be helpful for Canadian and European citizens as well. Please don’t hesitate to email me directly at for more clarity.

How long will it take to read and complete all steps?

To read and complete all steps, give yourself at least 60 days before you intend to leave for your trip!


I promise I’m showing you exactly how I made my trip adventurous, meaningful and transformational and how you can and should do the same! No fluff or B.S here.

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